Business or pleasure? Products, Real-Estate, Weddings, Lifestyle, and more. We have a network of specialized photographers ready to create images that make you say “wow”!

Standing out from the plague of stock images is of the utmost importance when aiming to build trust with your audience. Websites everywhere are plastered with generic images that serve no true purpose in earning revenue. The emotional connection and purpose of strategic, high-quality photography content is unmatched today as one of the easiest ways to connect with audiences.

Providing a window into the business gives potential clients glimpses into your process and allows your company to keep in touch and stay top of mind with old friends. Colony Media Collective captures images that matter because we understand how fast a scroll can be. Due to this focus and intention, you can be certain that no image delivered will be wasted.

There are many different types of photos that Colony Media Collective captures to elevate branding and marketing abilities, and all images are custom-tailored to the goals of each client.

These photos may include:

  • Location Photography: Show your audience where they’ll be
  • Candid Service Photography: Show your audience what you do
  • Headshot Photography: Show your audience who they’ll meet
  • Event Photography: Show off your party or fundraiser
  • Product Photography: Show off what you sell
  • Drone Photography

Integrating these snapshots into a business’s brand identity provides opportunities for clients to get closer to your business before they decide to work with you.

Custom photography allows you to curate your image to your brand’s visual identity. Stock photography limits your ability to truly share your brand, as it’s never a custom vision that creates the image. This can be a stain on a brand’s online presence, as clients can see these images as insincere and impersonal when they come across them on sites or social media. These opportunities to stand out on your audience’s screens are immeasurable and not ones that should be missed because a stock photo is easier.

Colony Media Collective provides all editing and post-processing needed for images to stand out from the competition. In every instance, Colony Media Collective makes sure that all photos exceed client expectations and are exciting to share with your audience.

The distribution strategy of photos is a vital component of content marketing. For a photo to be most effective, it must be prepared and placed correctly. All social media platforms require different specifications in dimensions and file size, and all too often, businesses are burdened with modifying the images to suit its use. This often leads to improper uploads, reposts, and headaches for everyone involved. Colony Media Collective ensures all clients receive the correct images for their needs and are always available to make adjustments after the service.

Colony Media Collective also ensures you get the correct number of images for your purpose. Photographers in the industry often inundate their clients with the entire catalog of images captured and expect them to decide which is best. As marketing-focused creatives, we understand that sharing 20 headshot options is usually more frustrating or confusing than sharing the best 3. Experience in marketing and photography dictates our deliverables and is always in the best interest of our clients.