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     We are a vibrant, youthful media company based out of Northern New Jersey. We combine creativity, passion, and skill in order to earn your business revenue and capture memories. We create and manage promotional business materials such as commercials, web and social content, and event coverage in a variety of industries. Reach out to our in-house strategy and production team to start a new chapter,



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I am a Marist College graduate with an extreme focus on client satisfaction. I am a jack of all trades with a wide variety of interests ranging from music, exploring nature, skiing, and technology. My favorite part of this career is utilizing our abilities to create content that bring values to people’s lives, whether that be professionally or personally. I hope we have a chance to speak in the near future!



I’ve always had a strong interest for media production and the camera was my catalyst to unleashing my passion. I graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a double major in TV/Video and Audio/Radio Production, which gave me the tools and experience needed to build a career in multimedia production. In my free time, I also enjoy hiking, camping, playing guitar, and shooting landscape photography.